The 10” hydro cyclone desander is used to separate solids in the 40 to 100 micron range, it is incorporates a precise combination of production of proportion, angles ratios and materials to optimized separation of solids from the feed material. The desander discharge maybe fed to a disilter for finer particle separation or directly to screening equipment. For optimum performance, the hydro cyclone requires a steady inlet feed pressure (feed head) and steady feed rate. The feed head maybe produced by gravity-feed system or a centrifugal pump. Each 10” hydro cyclone requires a nominal inlet flow rate of 500 GPM at 75 feet of head, to accommodate high flow rate requirements, up to three hydro cyclones can be grouped together with common feed and discharge manifold.


The hydro cyclone body consist of three main components: Upper, Middle and Lower sections. The soft orifice bushing is positioned in the tapered hole inside the orifice nut, which is threaded into the lower section, the diameter of the apex orifice control the spray pattern produced during operation. Tightening the orifice nut compresses the apex, thereby reducing the orifice diameter. Loosening the orifice nut releases compression, allow the apex to return to its normal size. The hydro cyclone spray pattern may be adjusted during operation by varying the opening of apex.


Model KCS110 KCS210
Capacity 528GPM 1056GPM
Desander Size 10 Inch 10 Inch
Desander Qty 1Pcs 2 Pcs
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa 0.25~0.4Mpa
Feeding Size 6 Inch 6 Inch
Output Size 8 Inch 8 Inch
Vibration Motor 0.75kw 0.75kw
Screen Size: L x W 750x900mm 700x900mm
Screen Area 0.8m2 0.8m2
Adjust G Force ≤7.1G ≤7.0G
 Weight (Kg) 1048 1888
Dimension (mm) 1455x1544x2100 1455x1744x2100