Mud Cleaner consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydro cyclones mounted over shale to operate a single unit. To handle the entire circulating volume, mud cleaner are effective on both weighted and unweighted drilling fluid system on removing and drying solids while retaining the expensive liquid.

The hydro cyclones make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker’s vibrating screen. Using correctly, SBL’s Mud cleaner lower both drilling-fluid and disposal cost.


Compatible with oil or water-based mud

Minimized maintenance on downstream equipment

Effective on controlling drilled solids and retaining expensive barite

Lower drilling fluids and disposal costs


Field-proven performance

Cuts downtime and reduce repair

Complete product line provides diverse configuration options

Assists with environmental compliance



Model KMC700 KMC585
Shaker Model KL700 KL585
Vibration Type Linear Motion Linear Motion
Power (kw) 2x1.86kw 2x1.86kw
G-Force 7.4 (Adjustable) 7.5 (Adjustable)
Screen Area (m²) 2.2 2.73
Decker Adjustment -1° ~ +5° -3° ~ +3°
Capacity (GPM) 500-600 600-750
Screen Type Hook Strip Flat Screen
Screen Size (mm) 700x1050 585x1165
Screen Panel 3 4
Specification (“) 10 10
Numbers 1x2 or 3 1x 2 or 3
Capacity (GPM/Each) 500 500
Separation points (micron) 45-100 45-100
Specification (“) 4 4
Numbers 6-20 6-20
Capacity (GPM/Each) 50-80 50-80
Separation points (micron) 10-44 10-44